2001/05/04 :
Thanks to everyone who emailed me with information and suggestions. I've gone through most of the emails now, I still have around 50 or so undealt with though. I'll work on these at another time (hopefully soon). No, no more commentaries on Moz solo, sorry. Maybe one day.
Fixed all the old references to Passions Just Like Mine.
Finally got round to converting all images to PNG format. See this website for why.
Arcana is a hoax.
William A. Fuller had some comments on Yes, I Am Blind.
Added the mysterious Me Satisfied.
Some info on the How Soon Is Now guitar sound.
Fixed mistake in Billy Budd.
Putative lyrics to Oh Phoney.
Found the source of the sample at the end of The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils.
"Do Your Best And Don't Worry", "The National Front Disco", "Black-Eyed Susan", "Accept Yourself", updated in Morrissey's sources.
Troy Tate version of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.
Translation of the German part of the sample in I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday.
Various other small changes.

2000/08/01 :
I finally found out via Q, what the sample in Rubber Ring is from.
How Soon Is Now ? made it into Morrissey's Sources.
Lyrics fix to live version of The Loop.
Lyrics to Drive-in Saturday. Thanks everyone !
Fix to lyrics of What Do You See In Him ?.
Added some very interesting comments to Southpaw Grammar and Dagenham Dave.
Filled in the holes I had in BBC Sessions.
Minor fix to Now My Heart Is Full.
Added Troy Tate version of Accept Yourself.
Replaced Suede's lyrics for My Insatiable One with one of Moz's renditions.
Due to broken software here, I've changed the LASID downloadable version to use UNIX gzipped tar format. Any capable unpacker should be able to handle this; if you're having trouble, let me know and I'll try to help.
Special thanks to Mihailovic Miroslav for most of the contributed lyrics above.

2000/06/11 :
It's been half a year since I've had time to update this site. I've now had time to go through everybody's emails, and many people's suggestions have been incorporated. Thanks very much everybody.
For the people who've asked, I've not yet added comments to any more solo songs. Hopefully I'll get some time to do some more soon.
I added Despair's lovely review of Moz at San Francisco to the FAQ.
Several additions and corrections to Who's Who.
Mo' of Morrissey's sources.
More commentary on Everyday Is Like Sunday.
Added comment to Maladjusted.
Added comment to What She Said.
Rumoured unreleased songs Take Us The Way We Are, Kitt, and Arcana.
Added Drive-In Saturday.
Thanks Zelda, whoever you are, for the rest of Q Questionnaire January 1995.

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