Please read the FAQ and do a search before asking any questions ! The answer will probably be on this site somewhere. For news, visit Morrissey-solo. This site is far better than any news I could do, so please don't ask for a news page ! This also goes for "multimedia" pages, where Cemetry Gates is the canonical site. Also essential to check is Stephane Daigles' site, a comprehensive collection of information related to The Smiths and Morrissey, including discographies, pictures of all the record sleeves, and more.
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Note: I do not know : Moz's address (email or otherwise), what he's doing in terms of touring, recording etc., whether he's gay or not, where to get rare Smiths/Moz merchandise (your attempts will be as good as mine), and (especially) why Robert Smith and Moz fell out. Sorry !

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