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 Where can I get the latest Morrissey font (Truetype format) ?

 Haven't I seen Morrissey spoofed on Bill Nye? (USA show)
Yes, you have. Morrissey was spoofed on an episode of "Bill Nye - The Science Guy" that was devoted to the topic of momentum. A Morrissey impersonator changed up the lyrics to "The more you ignore me" to fit the show's topic. In case you want to see it, Bill Nye is a nationally syndicated television show so check your local listings if you live in the USA.

 Haven't I seen Morrissey spoofed on Mystery Science Theater 3000? (USA show)
Yes, Morrissey was spoofed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode #403 "City Limits." The mad scientists invented Tupperware to preserve aging pop stars such as Morrissey. A Morrissey puppet sang a spoof song.

What about other spoofs ?
There was a send up of Morrissey on "A-Z of Indie" which was part of the 4 music series. It featured him phoning a helpline and talking in his singing voice. Choice quotes are :
"is that you Mr. Morrissey?"
"No it isn't. Well maybe it is then."
"Has any one told you you're a boring prat?"
"Yes me mother. and Johnny Marr. and me father and me sister and me brother."

 What's Morrissey's birth name?
Morrissey was born Steven Patrick Morrissey on May 22nd 1959 at Park Hospital in Davyhulme, England (now called Trafford General Hospital). He began going by just "Morrissey" around the time the Smiths began.  He said it was because it was a new beginning for him, and he wanted to forgot the old "clumsy and shy" Steven.

Where does this "Moz" / "Mozzer" / "Mozza" nick-name stuff come from?
It was coined during the Smiths days by the NME in Britain.

Why are The Smiths called The Smiths ?
Many stories and explanations as to how and why abound. Most agree that Morrissey thought up the name, and a popular story is this one : Morrissey thought of three names, "The Smiths", "Smiths Family" and "Smithdom". He asked Johnny Marr to choose; he chose "The Smiths" and the rest is history.
As to the meaning: there are tons of references you could choose, like Patti Smith, and others as well-catalogued in Rogan's book. Myra Hindley's family are repeatedly referred to as "The Smiths" in the book Beyond Belief. My personal favourite explanation is that Smith is a very common name here in the UK: it brings with it overtones of mundane average lives, all insurance policies and washing the car on Sundays. The Smiths was all about escaping from this hole of boredom, to reaching a Wildean hedonist appreciation of life. Of course, Morrissey being Morrissey, there's another side to this - maybe it indicates how dull and dreary reality is for him, despite his dreams. This explanation also fits the story detailed above quite well.

What's Moz's marital status ?
Single as it gets.

What about children ?
Well, he hasn't got any, and it doesn't look like he's going to. See (I'm) The End Of The Family Line.

How tall is Morrissey ?
"Nowhere near the 6 foot mentioned in the program".
I have received estimates ranging from 5'8" to 6' from various people who have met him. We appear to be no clearer as to his actual height.

So how tall is he then ?
Er, don't know. Suggestions ...

What's with Johnny spelling Maher, M-A-R-R ?
Johnny was born John Martin Maher on October 31st 1963. John was referred to as Johnny to distinguish himself from his father and the name stuck.  Johnny changed the spelling to Marr in '83 to distinguish himself from Buzzcock's drummer John Maher.

Where does Morrissey live now-a-days ?
He moved to Ireland in late '96 but recently sold his first home there, Wellfield.
Currently he spends much of his time in Los Angeles, and is rumoured to have moved back to Manchester.

What's the connection between Douglas Coupland, author of Microserfs, and The Smiths ?
Douglas Coupland is a big Smiths fan and even named one of his books after a Smiths song (Girlfriend In A Coma). At the signings for the book, Smiths music was piped through.

What did Moz write on his tambourine during the In Person tour?
A few times during the Boxers tour Morrissey wrote on his tambourine either "ERIC" or "CANTONA" as a tribute to Eric Cantona, a Frenchman who played for Manchester United in the English Premier Football League and was regarded as one of the best and most controversial players of his time. His mid field teammate at Manchester United was Roy Keane (Roy's Keen might be a pun on this). Cantona also appears in the "Introducing Morrissey" video on the back of the mag being read at the beginning by the young skinhead.
He also wrote "Self Self Self" during the 1995 Boxers UK tour.

Does the intersection still exist that provides the sign for the back cover of Strangeways, Here We Come, and where exactly can it be found?
Off Deansgate somewhere ... (details ?)

Doesn't Morrissey hate Johnny Rogan, author of "The Severed Alliance", the best Smiths biography ?
He claims to, following up a desire to see "Rogan end his days very soon in an M3 pile-up" with a wish to hear of him "consumed in a hotel fire".

Isn't Johnny Marr married?
Yes, to Angie Brown since 1986.

Is Morrissey religious ?
Moz is of Catholic roots but is non-religious himself, with seeming inclinations towards atheism.

Does Moz drive ?
For a long time Morrissey did not have a driving license and consequently didn't drive much. But Morrissey did finally get his license around 1993, and owns at least two cars.

Are Morrissey and Marr friends again yet ?
As far as we know, they haven't spoken to each other yet, although both are showing a more friendly attitude. I wouldn't get your hopes up about a collaboration though.

What's everyone's favorite Smiths and Morrissey song?
Have a look at Mope's poll results. Or you could vote yourself.

Does Robert Smith of The Cure hate Morrissey?
Yes, Robert seems to hate Morrissey as much as Morrissey hates Robert. More recently, things seem to be smoothed over somewhat, as Moz apparently called Robert "a nice person" in a radio interview, and said he had been invited to one of Robert's private parties.

But did he really say "If Morrissey says don't eat meat, then I'm going to eat meat, because I hate Morrissey." ?

Does Morrissey smoke ? I've seen pictures of him with cigarettes.
No, Moz doesn't smoke, although he was thrown numerous cigs while singing Our Frank on the Kill Uncle Tour in 1991 and jokingly acted as if he was smoking them. Morrissey on smoking in 1985 : "I have spasms of wine but I don't smoke."

What's the importance of 384 Kings Road ?
It was Morrissey's Manchester address for most of his early life.

What's Beechmount ?
The posh estate Morrissey's mother lives on.

Who's that laying on the stool in the sleeve of Strangeways, Here We Come ?
Almost definitely Mike Joyce.

Before becoming a singer, what jobs did Morrissey have?
A civil service clerk, a hospital porter, and record store salesman.

 Didn't Morrissey like The New York Dolls?
Morrissey was the president of their fan club in the 70s at the age of 18.

What is Morrissey's favourite Smiths song?
I Keep Mine Hidden and Shoplifters Of The World and probably many more...

What were Morrissey's parent's professions?
His mother was a librarian, and his father was a hospital porter.

 When did Morrissey start wearing glasses?
Morrissey started wearing glasses at age 13.

What's Morrissey's sister's name ?

What are Morrissey's minders called ?
Steve and Creg, apparently.

 Is it Johnny Bridgwood or Bridgewood ?
Bridgwood, despite occasionally mistaken credits. As with Spencer Cobrin, not Corbin.

Didn't someone hold up a radio station with a gun and demand Smiths songs ?
Yes, five hours of Smiths songs, at a Denver radio station in 1987. Does anyone have any more details ?

Whose is the tattoo on the back of the The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get ?
It's Jake Walter's (see Who's Who ?), and no, the tattoo isn't real.

What's with that necklace on the sleeve of Vauxhall And I ?

Wasn't there a question about The Smiths on Jeopardy ?
The category was "Death In Pop" for a $1000. The answer was "Hang the D.J. was the refrain of Panic by this defunct British pop group led by Morrissey". The contestant correctly answered with "Who are The Smiths ?".

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