This list comprises a selection of WWW sites that I find interesting or like. A more complete list is available at Shoplifter's Union.


Shoplifter's Union
A very nice-looking and comprehensive link index of Smiths/Morrissey related sites. The definitive source for WWW links.
Passions Just Like Mine
Stephane Daigle's site, featuring the latest versions of his excellent discographies, cover stars, videography, radio and TV appearances, etchings and covers files. The number one reference.
The Arcane Old Wardrobe Himself
A gorgeous and informative Smiths and Morrissey site, with flowers in abundance. Well worth a visit, especially for the excellent bootlegs round-up.
Run by Sing-Your-Lifer David Tseng, this extremely professional site provides a fairly busy Smiths/Morrissey chat area and a comprehensive and regularly updated news site.
Cemetry Gates
The archetypal Smiths site. Packed with information. Features a page of links to online shopping sites.
Hand In Glove
Run by Tony Traverso, this well-designed but bandwidth-hungry site features sleeve pictures, and a release-based index.
All Over Battersea
An amusing look at The Smiths and Morrissey.
Strangeways Here We Come
A site containing the full text to Morrissey's books "James Dean Is Not Dead" and his biography of The New York Dolls.
There's more to sites than links, you know
Setlist info and letters by Moz.
A Chance To Shine
The web version of the fanzine of the same name, with various tidbits of information, and a rare items for sale section.
Moz Ate My Balls
Morrissey versions of the infamous "Ate My Balls" series.
Maudlin Street
A good informative site by Vile, and hosted by Records Unlimited.
Smiths Chord Archive
A wealthy collection of Smiths tabs.

Maladjusted: A Smiths/Morrissey mailing list
The latest in a long line of mailing lists.
A newsgroup devoted to The Smiths.
Generally less-available than alt.music.smiths, this newsgroup tends to contain Smiths stuff as well as Morrissey topics.
Multi-Engine Smiths/Morrissey Search
Search the Web using Dogpile for Smiths/Morrissey websites.