Compilation, released in May 1993, of two live Morrissey concerts : at the Paris Zenith on the 22nd December 1992, and in London on the 20th December 1992. Those tracks with by a * were recorded in London. The sleeve notes incorrectly state that all tracks were recorded in Paris.
Featuring the touring band of co-writers Alain Whyte and Boz Boorer, bassist Gary Day, and drummer Spencer Cobrin, this CD captures the excitement of Morrissey live in the Your Arsenal tour. Featuring sublime versions of B-sides "The Loop" and "Jack The Ripper", Morrissey's vocals combine with the band's manic backing, infusing the whole CD with an energy that makes it listenable to time and time again.
I assume the album is called "Beethoven Was Deaf" in an oblique reference to Morrissey's lack of conventional musical ability.