Our unsleepable friend
Gets the message on an ill wind
"All your friends and your foes
Would rather die than have to touch you"
TO SAY THE LEAST: I'm truly disappointed

Truly, truly, truly, oh...
Drank too much
And I said too much
And there's nowhere to go - but Down

Young boy - I wanna help you
SEE THESE LINES ? : Truly disappointed

Truly, truly, truly, oh...
Don't talk to me, no
About people who are "nice"
'Cause I have spent my WHOLE LIFE
Because of people who are "nice"
Oh, this world may lack Style, I know
Each bud must blossom and grow, oh...

Young girl, one day you will be old
But the thing is, I love you NOW
Mmm ...

This is the last song I will ever sing (Yeah!)
No: I've changed my mind again (Aaw...)



Unparalleled B-side; a true mystery as to why this song did not obtain a higher profile than it did. Morrissey drags out his personal dictionary once again to invent the unusual word "unsleepable", which of course means that sleeping is an active verb, as in "I sleeped him". The shock of this bizarre word is quickly dispensed with by the harmful message carried on an ill wind, and we immediately become confused as to who the song is actually talking about. His mulling over his past life and his young hopes and ambitions as they are dashed against the rocks is once again surrended to a message, as he rejects the whole notion of happiness being found through knowing "nice" people. He seems to be complaining that people being nice to him has led him to see an intimacy in his relationships that isn't in fact there.
The closing passage of the song, and of course Bona Drag, is perhaps the canonical Morrissey lyric excerpt. His self-deprecating sound effects (surely a unique concept itself) provides a lead into a seemingly prophetic final phrase, the entertainment industry standard "Goodnight, and thank you".
It is a an endorsement of the passion and average intelligence of Morrissey's fans that the self-deprecating crowd response is usually mirrored in a live situation.

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