I'm writing this to say
In a gentle way
Thank You - but no
I will live my life as I
Will undoubtedly die - alone

I'm writing this to say
In a gentle way
Thank You ...
I will live my life as I ... oh
For whether you stay
Or stray
An inbuilt guilt catches up with you

And as it comes around to your place
At 5 A.M.; wakes you up
And it laughs in your face

A charming and sweeping B-side, strangely cut short from the original version, which appeared as a track on the Everyday Is Like Sunday single.
A short extremely melancholic song, it provides a constrast with the mostly external story of November Spawned A Monster. Come the second verse, Morrissey hardly seems able to finish a sentence with the terrible loneliness of his plight, but soon returns with a damning personification of guilt, which is possibly a reference to the Roman Catholic religion's notion of Original Sin (both Morrissey's parents were from an Irish Catholic background).
The honest, simple but deeply beautiful lyrics of this song caused it to become one of the more quoted songs by Morrissey's fanbase.

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