Day oh so late
Strangely the sun still shone
Ooh Asian boy
What are you on ?
Day oh so late
Strangely the sun still shone
Oh Asian boy
What are drugs are you on ?

Oh... strange

Tooled-up Asian boy
Has come to take revenge
For the cruel, cold killing
Of his very best friend
Tooled-up Asian boy
Has come to avenge
The cruel, cold killing
Of his only friend

Ha! La, la, la, oh ...

There's peace through our school
It's so quiet in the hall
It's a strange sign for one
Of what's to come
Tough and cold and pale
Oh, they may just impale you on railings
Oh, English boys
It must be wrong
Three against one ?

Oh ...

Brakes slammed, and
His gun jammed, and
As far as I could tell
Brave Asian boy
Was dealt a blow and fell

I'm just passing through here
On my way to somewhere civilised
And maybe I'll even arrive
Maybe I'll even arrive

One of the songs at the centre of the Morrissey-as-racist debate, probably on the basis of its title alone. Quite absurd, considering the violin player on this track, Nawazish Ali Khan. Morrissey's simple tale of racial hatred is a very strange target for accusations of racism - his careful and sympathetic story-telling is hardly NF material. Morrissey declaims all responsibility explicitly at the end of this song - "I'm just passing through here". The eerie instrumentation adds a chilling overtone to the song; the emphasis is clearly on the oddity of the situation (note the purposeful over-use of "strange").
The symbolism of the sun shining late in the day is not quite obvious; it could be a comment that, even in such a seemingly hopeless scenario such as this, there is always room for humanity to shine through (an idea backed up by the mock-hopeful "Maybe I'll even arrive" in the final verse).

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