There is a place
For me and my friends
And when we go
We all will go
So you see
I'm never alone
There is a place
With a bit more time
And a few more
Gentler words
And looking back
We will forgive
(We had no choice
We always did)
All that we hope
Is when we go
Our skin
And our blood
And our bones
Don't get in your way
Making you ill
The way they did
When we lived
Oh, there is a place
A place in hell
For me and my friends
And if ever I
Just wanted to cry
Then I will
Because I can

The defiant-depressive theme of the previous song (I'm) The End Of The Family Line is continued here, in surely the only Morrissey song remotely like a school hymn. The meek resignation ("we hope our bones don't get in your way, making you ill") of the song stands side by side with the author's devout loyalty to those he loves, and he ends with the proud "...if ever I wanted to cry then I will...".
An interesting end to a quirky, but ultimately lovable album. The Englishness of the album is paramount, from the very first song to the school-mistress piano of the end tune.
One of the things I hate about the American version is that Tony The Pony is tacked on at the end. I quite like the song, but it is totally out of place with the mood and style of this album, and it is quite inappropriate as the finale of "Kill Uncle".

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