Bolt-lock your doors
Alarm your cars
And still we move in closer
Every day
Top of the list
Is your smiling kids
But we'll be smiling too
So that's OK
Oh, and by the way
Thank you, because you're
Giving, giving, giving
And we're receiving -
No, no, we're taking
Keeping the population down

Your taxes paid, but
Police waylaid
And we knows
When the school bus
Comes and goes
We're on your street, but
You don't see us
Or, if you do
You smile and say Hello

When you are
Giving, giving, giving
And we're receiving -
No, no, we're taking
Just keeping
The population down
You're giving, giving, giving
Well, it's your own fault
For reproducing

We're just keeping
The population down

A rumbling percussive part is dramatically joined by deep strings. It really is clear, particularly on this song, quite how much Morrissey's voice has improved in the last few years. By far the best bit of this song is the power-surge around the line "BUT DON'T UNDERESTIMATE US".
The ironic thankyou to the victims is offset by the absurd line "we knows when the school bus comes and goes". Yet another chance for Morrissey to laugh at himself, this ridiculously and purposefully clumsy rhyme couldn't be more out of context - and is therefore brilliant. Although the song itself isn't that good.

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