This re-shuffled pack brings back the sickness of luck,

Because the ace in my hand is such a shock
Exchanging queen for your two while you're out of the room,
Have a shufty over your shoulder (well it's a shady game)

And I want to lose
Oh, please let me lose
Oh, please let me lose
It's nothing to you
It's nothing to you
I'm cutting this queen
(well, this six is chewed)
You're all un-disguised
(I'm stuck on shoes)
So, have you ever met a bad winner ?
"Well, how do you do..."

A song that was never released, allegedly due to it being so bad. The lyrics above are purported to be a section of the actual lyrics, but I can't vouch for them. There seems to be some confusion as to when it was written. Promotional stuff suggests it was written during the Viva Hate sessions, where other sources say it was written by Morrissey and Clive Langer in 1990. See here for a scan of part of the initial promotion of Suedehead.
Morrissey said of this song, in The Face magazine in 1990 :
"There's a song called Striptease With A Difference which is about playing a game of cards wherein the loser of each game has to take off an item of clothing. And it's about secretly hoping one loses and in fact manipulating the game towards that end."

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