Hate, love and war
Force emotions to the fore
But not for me, of course
Of course
I keep mine hidden
Oh ...

I keep mine hidden
But it's so easy for you
Because you let yours flail
Into public view
Oh, oh ...

Yellow and green
A stumbling block
I'm a twenty-digit combination to unlock
With a past where to be 'touched'
Meant to be 'mental'

Ooh, I keep mine hidden
The lies are so easy for you
Because you let yours slide
Into public view
Oh ...

Use your loaf !

The last song ever recorded as a proper group, Morrissey must have infuriated Marr by doing a music-hall light-hearted song exactly when Marr wanted to move into different musical territory. Indeed, if a song was responsible for the break-up of The Smiths, this was it.
For those not acquainted, "Use your loaf" means "think about it" and is cockney rhyming slang ("loaf-and-bread" - "head").
"Yellow and green" probably refers to a pair of loons he used to own (see Quotes). Morrissey still shines through with clever lyrics, such as his pun on "touched".
This song ended up as a B-side to Girlfriend In A Coma.

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