Here her head, she lay
Until she'd rise and say :
"I'm starved of mirth;
Let's go and trip a dwarf"

Oh, what to be done with her ?
Oh, what to be done with her ?
Oh ...

Ice water for blood
With neither heart or spine
And then just
To pass time; let us go and rob the blind

What to be done with her ?
I ask myself :
What to be said of her ?
Oh ...

But when she calls me, I do not walk, I run
Oh, when she calls, I do not walk, I run
Oh ...
Oh ...

Oh ...

A view of The Smiths in their earliest stage; Morrissey's lyrics still unsure, dour-sounding and self-conscious, while Marr cautiously edges his guitar virtuosity in.
Altogether a strange song, I feel that The Smiths were never happy with this song; the lyrics were totally rewritten from an earlier version, and the song notably never appeared on any compilations, along with its sister Jeane.
This version was released as a B-side to the 12" version of This Charming Man.

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