List of people who have appeared on Smiths and Morrissey record covers
Compiled by Stephane Daigle
Last updated: June 1998

Here is an illustrated list of the cover artists that have graced Smiths and Morrissey albums and singles. Check out PEEPHOLISM...INTO THE ART OF MORRISSEY for info on their making.

Entries are in chronological order. The page includes both Smiths and Morrissey sleeve covers. Scroll down after the Smiths releases for the Morrissey ones.

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The Smiths


"Hand In Glove"

Cover photography by Jim French taken from Margaret Walter's book THE NUDE MALE. The photograph is of Leo Ford, gay porn star and lover of Divine, a famous transvestite. The photo on the right is the extremely rare mispressed negative sleeve.

"This Charming Man"

Jean Marais from Cocteau's film ORPHEE [1950]
Early versions and later repressings can be distinguished by the band's name on the cover.

The NY remixes 12" has a paler beige tint.

"What Difference Does It Make?"

Terence Stamp from the movie: THE COLLECTOR [1965].
Earlier and later pressings differ by the band's name on the front.

Because of Stamp's objection to his photograph being used, later pressings have Morrissey mimic Stamp's pose and grin, holding a glass of milk instead of a chloroform pad. The Morrissey sleeve remains the rarest because Stamp finally agreed and the original photograph was reinstated (with the band's name, above).
The US release has the Morrissey cover only.

"The Smiths" LP

Joe Dallesandro culled from Andy Warhol's FLESH directed by Paul Morrissey [1968].

"Hand In Glove" (featuring Sandie Shaw)

Rita Tushingham from A TASTE OF HONEY directed by Tony Richardson [1961].

The 12" has a slightly different cover.

"Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"

Viv Nicholson from her book, SPEND SPEND SPEND

"William It Was Really Nothing"

The first (and most common) cover is a green uncredited photograph of a man sitting on the edge of a bed (comes from a 1982 advertisement for A.D.S. speakers, object on bed is a speaker)
Later pressings (1987) are lilac with Billie Whitelaw from the film CHARLIE BUBBLES directed by Albert Finney [1967].

The cd sleeve shows Colin Campbell from THE LEATHER BOYS (see "Ask" german cover)

"How Soon Is Now?" (European release)

Spain 7" is same as the green "William It Was Really Nothing" cover

Holland and EC 7" have the same image as the green "William It Was Really Nothing" cover, but it is lilac tinted.

"Hatful Of Hollow"

Uncredited photograph of a Cocteau model from a French magazine. The tattoo on his shoulder is a copy of a drawing by Jean Cocteau, from his book LE LIVRE BLANC. The photograph is on blue background for early releases.
Since Spring 1987, it has the same photograph, but no background (full-sleeve photograph).

The photo is not of Joe Orton, as some sources wrongly imply.

"Still Ill" (German release)

Same cover as "Hand In Glove"

"How Soon Is Now?" (Sire first release)

US 12" is the inner gatefold photo of "Hatful Of Hollow" LP from Glastonbury 1984, but gold tinted.

"How Soon Is Now?"

UK/Australia/Germany/Portugal: Sean Barrett, still from the movie DUNKIRK [1958]

"Meat Is Murder"

Cover star culled from Emile de Antonio's IN THE YEAR OF THE PIG [1969]. The words "Meat Is Murder" on the soldier's helmet were originally "Make war not love"
The reissue only has one of the photos instead of the four.

"Shakespeare's Sister"


US: see "How Soon Is Now?" (released with "Shakespeare's Sister" as double a-side)

"How Soon Is Now?" / "Shakespeare's Sister" (Sire second release)

US 7" sleeve has this unique sleeve.

"Barbarism Begins At Home" / "Shakespeare's Sister"

Viv Nicholson at the pithead, from her book SPEND SPEND SPEND" (except in Greece where the cover art is the same as that of the UK "How Soon Is Now?").
The German, Italian and Spanish 7" and German 12", the UK 12" DJ promos and the UK and Australia cd-singles all have variations of this cover. Two are displayed here.

"Barbarism Begins At Home" / "How Soon Is Now?" (Greek release)

The cover art is taken from the UK "How Soon Is Now?"

"That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"

Officially, from Jo Slee's book "Peepholism", it is an uncredited photograph of an Italian child actor from the sixties, taken from a tiny photo in FILM AND FILMMAKING magazine. But in reality, it supposedly comes from a Russian movie from 1965 titled "The Enchanted Desna".

"The Headmaster Ritual" (a Holland release)

7": typographical jumble on plain red background. Some mispressed copies have the 12" artwork (cowboy kid) instead.

12": photograph is of a young boy dressed in a rodeo outfit, taken from the movie THE UNCLE [1960].

UK cd: Viv Nicholson at her easel.

"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side"

Truman Capote photographed by Cecil Beaton in 1949.

"Bigmouth Strikes Again"

James Dean photographed in 1948 by Nelva Jean Thomas. Incorrectly credited to David Loehr in the sleeve notes.

"The Queen Is Dead"

Alain Delon from the film L'INSOUMIS [1965].

"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (US promo)

US promo 12": Similar to "The Queen Is Dead" album, but paler green..


Richard Bradford star of MAN IN A SUITCASE, a 1967 ATV series


UK: Yootha Joyce from GEORGE & MILDRED tv series on the set of the 1965 film CATCH YOU IF YOU CAN.

Germany: Colin Campbell from THE LEATHER BOYS [1963].

The Australian version released in 1987 has a different and unique cover. See further.

"Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" (a german release)

Yootha Joyce (same as for "Ask" in UK except pink on red background).

"Shoplifters Of The World Unite"

Elvis Presley photographed by James R. Reid.

"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (France release)

France 7":Boy eating popsicle

"Ask" (Australian version)

Australia: Morrissey in front of '86 tour poster of a boy eating a popsicle (green).

"The World Won't Listen"

Cover photo by Jurgen Vollmer from the book ROCK 'N' ROLL TIMES.

"Sheila Take A Bow"

Candy Darling from Andy Warhol's film WOMEN IN REVOLT [1971]. Candy Darling is actually a drag queen named James Lawrence Slattery. He died at the age of 25 in May 1974 of leukaemia. The tint of the cover is deeper for the UK release when compared to other countries such as Germany. Early German pressings were light blue instead of pink.

"Louder Than Bombs"

Shelagh Delaney (from the Saturday Evening Post, 21 October 1961).

"Shoplifters Of The World Unite (US promo)"

This was a promo for "Louder Than Bombs", so the photo of the band has the same orange tint.

"Girlfriend In A Coma"

Shelagh Delaney. The photo is from an early 60s edition of "A Taste Of Honey".
The photo is grey on the UK 7" while it is green on the UK 12". Some copies of the UK 12" were mispressed in grey instead of green. Most of other countries releases are green, whatever the format.

"Strangeways, Here We Come"

Richard Davalos from the collection of David Loehr, photographed during the filming of EAST OF EDEN (yellow).

"I Started Something I Couldn't Finish"

Avril Angers from THE FAMILY WAY [1966] green.

"Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"

Murray Head from THE FAMILY WAY [1966] red in Germany, blue in the US, yellow in Australia or grey in Holland and Japan.

"Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"

Billy Fury (yellow).

"The 12" Mixes" (Australian EP)

Unique but dull cover. Note: the above scan is not of very good quality and didn't come out exactly like the real cover.


Alexandra Bastedo (John D. Green Studios) taken from the book BIRDS OF BRITAIN (white).

"The Peel Sessions"

Available in many different covers, depending on country and date of release. Above: original UK, UK reissue, US, Holland and France. Note: some of the above were in silver and white/black and didn't come out really well. The bigger formats are not as bad, but if you own any of these and a better scanner, I would appreciate your help!

"Best... I & II"

US & CA: Richard Davalos from EAST OF EDEN. The photo on Best I is not from the movie, but from a studio outtake, from a different angle not used in the film. The hand is James Dean's.

UK & Europe: photograph by Dennis Hopper of man and woman sitting side by side at a table. Best I is the left half of the photograph: the woman. Best II is the right half of the photograph: the man. The photo is titled "Biker Couple" and is taken from his 1986 collection "Out Of The Sixties"
The German box set has the photos from Best I and Best II reunited.

"This Charming Man" (re-release)

Jean Marais from Cocteau's film ORPHEE [1950] beige.
There are many typographical variations on the same cover for this single, depending on country of release and format. Two versions are displayed here.

"How Soon Is Now?" (re-release)

Vanessa Redgrave and David Hemmings from the movie BLOW UP directed by M. Antonioni [1966]. Disc 1 is peach and disc 2 is blue-green.

"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (re-release)

Sandie Shaw (disc 1 is blue and disc 2 is pink).

"Handsome Devils" (French promo)

Black and white photograph of 2 boys wearing blazers.

"The Complete Picture" (video)

US & CA: Richard Davalos from EAST OF EDEN. The photo is not from the movie, but from a studio outtake, from a different angle not used in the film. The hand is James Dean's.

UK & Europe: photograph by Dennis Hopper of man and woman sitting side by side at a table. The photo is titled "Biker Couple" and is taken from his 1986 collection "Out Of The Sixties"

"Ask" (1995 reissue)

Same as original 1986 release, Yootha Joyce from GEORGE & MILDRED tv series on the set of the 1965 film CATCH YOU IF YOU CAN (pink on beige background).


Diana Dors, actress. From YIELD TO THE NIGHT (1956).

"Sweet And Tender Hooligan" '95

Cornelius Carr, boxer. From a James O'Brien video, by James O'Brien.






"Viva Hate"

Morrissey. The photo on the right is for the Australian version mistitled "Education In Reverse"

The 1997 EMI Centenary edition used a different photo of Morrissey.

"I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong"

This 1 track single came free with copies of Durutti Column's album titled "Vini Reilly".

"Everyday Is Like Sunday"

Morrissey. The photo on the right is the US promo cd cover.

"The Last Of The Famous International Playboys"

Morrissey, as a kid, aged 7.

"Interesting Drug"

The 7", regular 12" and cd-single have a reddish tint while the special etched 12" is brown.

The Japanese EP is of an even darker tint.

"Ouija Board, Ouija Board"


"November Spawned A Monster"




"Piccadilly Palare"


"Bona Drag"

This photo from Morrissey is a still from the "November Spawned A Monster" video. The colours were redone.

"Morrissey" (Australian promo)

A very simple cover for this promo unique to Australia.

"Our Frank"

All formats and origin except US cd-single.

US cd-single has a unique cover.

"Kill Uncle"


"Sing Your Life"


"Pregnant For The Last Time"


"My Love Life"

Everywhere but Japan.

Japan: Gary Day & Alain Whyte (from Morrissey's back-up band) holding Jobriath's self-titled album (photo taken by Morrissey).

"Live At Kroq"

Morrissey with his back-up band: Gary Day, Boz Boorer, Spencer Cobrin and Alain Whyte.

"We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"

Morrissey, Alain Whyte and Gary Day.

"Live In Dallas"


"You're The One For Me Fatty"


"Your Arsenal"


"The Loop" (French promo)



Morrissey and Gary Day by the pool, in swimwear. The photo on the back is from the book "Rockers".

"The Malady Lingers On"


"Certain People I Know"


"Beethoven Was Deaf"


"Jack The Ripper - live" (UK promo)

Morrissey with Gary Day, his bassist at the time.

"The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"


The UK promo is of Morrissey with Jake Walters, boxer and friend. Photo taken by Jake through a mirror.

"Vauxhall & I"


"Now My Heart Is Full" (US promo retrospective album)


"The Family Line" (French promo)


"Hold On To Your Friends"


The UK promo photo was taken from a British book of photography chronicling the original Mod movement.


Anonymous woman. The photo was taken by Roger Mayne, most famous for his photographs taken on London Southam Street between the years 1956 and 1961. Other photos by him were used for the "Roy's Keen" single and backdrops on the "Maladjusted" tour.

"Now My Heart Is Full" (US only single)



UK: Billy Conn, American boxer of Irish origin. World champion light weight. He went twice for the heavyweight world champion title, but lost both times. Picture from RING Magazine.

The US version has a picture of Morrissey instead.

"World Of Morrissey"

Cornelius Carr, boxer. Taken from the video for the song "Boxers", by James O'Brien.

"Have-A-Go Merchant"

UK promo: This photo of a skinhead in front of a facade with the sign "All because God loved you" comes from a 1982 book titled "Skinheads".

"Dagenham Dave"

Terry Venables, a U.K. football manager (coach) and former professional player.

"Southpaw Grammar"

Boxer Kenny Lane, taken from an April 1963 issue of The Ring (vol. XLIII no.3).

"Boy Racer"

Covers of both singles have a little boy, supposedly Morrissey's nephew.

The UK promo.

The US promo.



"Introducing Morrissey"


"Alma Matters"

Morrissey. The above is the UK version. The US one (not displayed here) has slight typographical variations.



"Suedehead - The Best Of Morrissey"


"That's Entertainment/Suedehead" (promo for Suedehead Best Of...)

Morrissey and his band members.

"Roy's Keen"

Anonymous kids. The photo was taken by Roger Mayne, most famous for his photographs taken on London Southam Street between the years 1956 and 1961. Other photos by him were used for the "Interlude" single and backdrops on the "Maladjusted" tour.

"Satan Rejected My Soul"


"Rare Tracks"




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