Angel, Angel
Don't take your life tonight
I know they take
And that they take in turn
And they give you nothing real
For yourself in return

But when they've used you
And they've broken you
And they've wasted all your money
And cast your shell aside

And when they've bought you
And they've sold you
And they've billed you for the pleasure
And they've made your parents cry
I will be here
I will be here
...believe me

Angel, don't take your life
Some people have got no pride
They do not understand
The Urgency of life
But I love you more than life
I love you more than life
I love you more than life
I love you more than life

A short and simple knife-edge of a track, featuring a real string section. Once again the song is saved by its clever placement, providing something of a prelude to the wide-ranging Late Night, Maudlin Street.
The song title, in keeping with the majority of the other tracks on Viva Hate, is borrowed, this time from a 1970s film called "Angel, Angel, Down We Go".
Apparently Morrissey has admitted that this song is about Johnny Marr, continuing in the underlying Smiths breakup theme of the album.

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