Winter coming
Winter push on
(push on)
Oh, winter push on

Winter is so long
Winter moves on

The last night on Maudlin Street
Goodbye house, goodbye stairs
I was born here
And I was raised here, and
...I took some stick here

Love at first sight
It may sound trite
But it's true, you know
I could list the detail
Of everything you ever wore or said
Or how you stood the day
As we spent the last night
On Maudlin Street
"Goodbye house, forever!"
I never stole a happy hour
Around here

Where the world's ugliest boy
Became what you see
Here I am - the ugliest man
Oh, the last night on Maudlin Street
Truly I do love you
Oh, truly I do love you

When I sleep
With that picture of you framed beside my bed
Oh, it's childish and it's silly
But I think it's you in my room, by the bed
(...yes, I told you it was silly...)

And I know
I took strange pills
But I never meant to hurt you
Oh, truly I love you
Came home late one night
Everyone had gone to bed
But, you know
No-one stays up for you
I had sixteen stitches
All around my head

Oh, the last bus I missed to Maudlin Street
So he drove me home in the Van
Complaining, "Women only like me for my mind..."
Don't leave your torch behind
A powercut ahead; 1972, you know

And so we crept through the park
No, I cannot steal a pair of jeans off a clothesline
For you
But you ... without clothes
Oh, I could not keep a straight face
Me - without clothes ?
Well, a nation turns its back and gags...
I'm packed

I am moving house
A half-life disappears today
With "every hag waves me on"
(secretly wishing me gone)
Well, I will be soon
Ooh, I will be soon
I will be soon
I will be soon
Will be soon, I will be soon
Mmm ... I will be soon, I will be soon

There were bad times on Maudlin Street
They took you away in a police car
Inspector - don't you know ?
Don't you care ?
Don't you know - about Love ?

Your gran died
And your mother died
On Maudlin Street
In pain, and ashamed
With never time to say
those special things ... oh
I took the key from Maudlin Street
Well, it's only bricks and mortar !
Oh, oh, truly I love you
Oh, wherever you are
Wherever you are
Wherever you are
I hope you're singing now
Oh, I do hope
I hope you're singing now
Oh ...

A Morrissey epic giving a deeply poignant look into his world. Lacing evocative imagery with childishly flippant humour, a tour-de-force of Morrissey's world view, tinged with a deep sadness of change.
Morrissey's interesting choice of vocal phrasing is a perfect antithesis to the more simple music, ensuring one of Morrissey's longest songs never grows tiring. Especially noticable is a fine drum part. It's not too far-fetched to call this song the sequel to I Know It's Over.
The lyrics start by setting the scene as deepest winter. Already, in the first few lines, the intense sorrow and nostalgic sense of loss of the song is invoked through Morrissey's delicate vocal. With its theme of moving house, the song somehow brings the focus beyond that point, only to bring it back home with the line "well, it's only bricks and mortar."
The lyrics about a "picture of you by my bed" was in fact scribbled on the artwork sheet for the Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me single.
Morrissey aptly takes considerable liberties with Elizabeth Smart's "By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept", borrowing the lines "They are taking me away in a police car..." and "Are you not convinced, inspector ? Do you not believe in love ?" from the book. The title is an amalgamation of a book of short stories by Bill Naughton called "Late Night On Watling Street" and the name of the school in Carry On Teaching, "Maudlin Street Secondary".
Of all the songs on Viva Hate, it is this one which most clearly is influenced musically by Vini Reilly.

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