An afternoon nostalgia
Television show
You spoke in silhouette
(but they couldn't name you)
Though the panel were very polite to you

Oh, but I remembered you
Friday nights, 1969
ATV - you murdered every line
Too old to be a child star
Too young to take leads
Four seasons passed
And they AXED you

Nervous juvenile
What became of you ?
Did that swift eclipse
Torture you ?

A star at eighteen
And then - suddenly gone
Down to a few lines
In the back page
Of a faded annual
Oh, but I remembered you
I remembered you

Mixed in from Alsatian Cousin. A reference to Morrissey's love of 60s kitchen-sink dramas, ATV was a popular television channel in the UK. On reflection, one of the weaker tracks on the first album, although its clever placement on the track listing (providing a link from the ferocious Alsatian Cousin to the chartworthy Everyday Is Like Sunday) redeems it somewhat.
The title comes from a 1934 German film which was based on a book of the same name, by Hans Fallada.
The song itself is reputedly about Jack Wilde on ATV's "Look Familiar".

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