I am a poor freezingly cold soul
So far from where
I intended to go
Scavenging through life's very constant lulls
So far from where I'm determined to go

Wish I knew the way to reach the one I love
There is no way ...
Wish I had the charm to attract the one I love
But you see, I've got no charm

Tonight I've consumed much more than I can hold
Oh, this is very clear to you
And you can tell I have never really loved
You can tell, by the way, I sleep all day

And all of my life no-one gave me anything
No-one has ever given me anything
My love is as sharp as a needle in your eye
You must be such a fool
To pass me by

After the triumvirate of silly throwaway singles, we return to a more sombre atmosphere for this part of Your Arsenal. A beautiful and refined song, stultifyingly introspective and poetic. The sparseness of the words manages to convey a huge amount of emotion, the sweeping statements ("I've got no charm", "no-one gave me anything") building up to the brilliant couplet "my love is as sharp as a needle in your eye / you must be such a fool to pass me by". He uses the semi-violent imagery to describe his love, before finishing semi-arrogantly.
Morrissey paints himself here (and there can be no doubt this song is autobiographical) as desperate, horribly self-obsessed, and empty of hope. His description of himself as "scavenging through life's very constant lulls" is pure brilliance.
The video to this song is available on the "Oye Esteban" DVD.

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