Favourite Songs

Here is what may be the cream of the crop of this survey...
the songs!

Of the 160+ songs that Morrissey has released, only 72 made
into this survey.  That was greatly a result of my only asking
for 5 songs from each person.  That was also my desired effect :)
as it both kept my work to a tidy minimum and kept many marginal
songs off the chart.

Of course, there are also some songs that missed the chart that
completely surprised me.  I'm sure everyone will have favorites
that they notice missing... I'm surprised "Unloveable", "Yes I am Blind",
and many others didn't make it.  Well, enough summary for now,
here are the favorite songs chosen by our 31 respondents:

(***Albums that have these songs (US) are in abbreviations)
(***Numbers in parentheses are: (ranking point total/# of responses))

1.   There is a Light that Never Goes Out (Smiths-QID,WWL,BO2,
           Singles)  (47/13)
2.   I Know It's Over (Smiths-QID, Rank)  (29/7)
3.   How Soon is Now?  (Smiths-HOH, MIM, BO1, Singles)  (20/7)
4.   Cemetry Gates (Smiths-QID, Rank)  (15/6)
5.   Reel Around the Fountain (Smiths-Smiths, HOH, PS, BO2)  (15/4)
6.   Late Night, Maudlin Street (Morrissey- VH)  (13/5)
7.   This Charming Man (Smiths-Smiths, HOH, BO1, Singles)  (13/3)
8.   Rubber Ring (Smiths-WWL, LTB, BO1)  (12/4)
9.   Speedway (Morrissey-V&I)  (12/3)
10.  Seasick, Yet Still Docked (Morrissey-YA, BWD)  (11/4)
11.  That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (Smiths- MIM, WWL, BO2,
            Singles)  (10/5)
12.  Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself (Morrissey-V&I)  (10/4)
13.  (tie) Asleep (Smiths- WWL, LTB)  (10/3)
13.  (tie) This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Smiths- HOH, LTB)  (10/3)
15.  (tie) Shoplifters of the World Unite (Smiths-WWL, LTB, BO1,
            Singles)  (9/2)
15.  (tie) My Love Life (Morrissey-WOM)  (9/2)
17.  Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Smiths- HOH,
           LTD, BO1)  (8/4)
18.  Jack the Ripper (Morrissey- BWD, WOM)  (8/3)
19.  (tie) Bigmouth Strikes Again (Smiths-QID, WWL, Rank, BO2,
           Singles)  (8/2)
19.  (tie) Spring-Heeled Jim (Morrissey-V&I, WOM)  (8/2)
19.  (tie) The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (Smiths-Smiths)  (8/2)
22.  (tie) Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Smiths-HOH, LTB,
            BO2, Singles)  (7/2)
22.  (tie) Half a Person (Smiths-WWL, LTB, BO1)  (7/2)
22.  (tie) What Difference Does it Make?  (Smiths-Smiths, HOH,
            PS, BO1, Singles)  (7/2)
25.  (tie) Panic (Smiths-WWL, LTB, Rank, BO1, Singles)  (5/2)
25.  (tie) Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me (Smiths-
            SHWC, BO2, Singles)  (5/2)
25.  (tie) Rusholme Ruffians (Smiths-MIM, Rank)  (5/2)
25.  (tie) Everyday is Like Sunday (Morrissey-VH, BD)  (5/2)
25.  (tie) He Knows I'd Love to See Him (Morrissey-BD, BWD)  (5/2)
25.  (tie) Suffer Little Children (Smiths-Smiths)  (5/2)
31.  (tie) Golden Lights (Smiths- LTB)  (5/1)
31.  (tie) Hand in Glove (Smiths-Smiths, HOH, LTB, BO1, Singles)
31.  (tie) Back to the Old House (Smiths-HOH, LTB)  (5/1)
31.  (tie) Accept Yourself (Smiths- HOH)  (5/1)
31.  (tie) You've Got Everything Now (Smiths-Smiths, HOH)  (5/1)
31.  (tie) I'd Love To (Morrissey- b-side to "More You Ignore Me...")
37.  (tie) The Boy with the Thorn in his Side (Smiths-QID, WWL,
             Rank, BO2, Singles)  (4/2)
37.  (tie) Ask (Smiths-WWL, LTB, Rank, BO2, Singles)  (4/2)
37.  (tie) I Won't Share You (Smiths- SHWC)  (4/2)
37.  (tie) King Leer (Morrissey- Kill Uncle (US)) (4/2)
41.  (tie) Break up the Family (Morrissey-VH)  (4/1)
41.  (tie) Well, I Wonder (Smiths- MIM)  (4/1)
41.  (tie) These Things Take Time (Smiths-HOH, LTB)  (4/1)
41.  (tie) Tomorrow (Morrissey-YourArsenal)  (4/1)
41.  (tie) Girl Least Likely To (Morrissey- b-side to "November..."
41.  (tie) Girlfriend in a Coma (Smiths-SHWC, BO1, Singles)  (4/1)
41.  (tie) Hold on to your Friends (Morrissey-V&I)  (4/1)
41.  (tie) A Rush and a Push and This Land is Ours (Smiths-
        SHWC)  (4/1)
49.  Nobody Loves Us (Morrissey- b-side to D.Dave)  (3/2)
50.  (tie) Southpaw (Morrissey- SG)  (3/1)
50.  (tie) Pretty Girls Make Graves (Smiths-Smiths)  (3/1)
50.  (tie) Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together (Morrissey-VH)
50.  (tie) Stretch Out and Wait (Smiths-WWL, LTB)  (3/1)
50.  (tie) Oscillate Wildly (Smiths- WWL, LTB, BO2)  (3/1)
50.  (tie) The Queen is Dead (Smiths-QID)  (3/1)
50.  (tie) National Front Disco (Morrissey-YA, BWD)  (3/1)
50.  (tie) November Spawned a Monster (Morrissey-YA, BWD
59.  Reader Meet Author (Morrissey- SG)  (2/2)
60.  (tie) Last of the Famous International Playboys (Morrissey-
         BD, WOM)  (2/1)
60.  (tie) Sweet and Tender Hooligan (Smiths-LTB)  (2/1)
60.  (tie) Piccadilly Palare (Morrissey-BD)  (2/1)
60.  (tie) Still Ill (Smiths-Smiths, HOH, Rank, BO2)  (2/1)
60.  (tie) Get Off the Stage (Morrissey- b-side to "Piccadilly Palare")
65.  (tie) Wonderful Woman (Smiths-live/bootlegs) (1/1)
65.  (tie) I Don't Mind if You Forget Me (Morrissey-VH)  (1/1)
65.  (tie) Sunny (Morrissey- b-side-?)  (1/1)
65.  (tie) Barbarism Begins at Home (Smiths-MIM)  (1/1)
65.  (tie) Disappointed (Morrissey- BD)  (1/1)
65.  (tie) Skin Storm (b-side to "Pregnant for the Last Time",
        should've been on WOM :)  (1/1)
65.  (tie) Now My Heart is Full (Morrissey- V&I) (1/1)
65.  (tie) Suedehead (Morrissey-VH, BWD)  (1/1)

There they are.  Now, let's look at the album listings in a
different way.  Here are the albums, ranked by SONG preference,
rather than the Album chart posted in part #1.

(numbers in parentheses on left are chart placements from #1)

1.   (19)  Singles (Smiths)  (141)
2.   (13)  World Won't Listen (Smiths)  (117)
3.   (4)   Hatful of Hollow (Smiths)  (106)
4.   (1)   Queen is Dead (Smiths)  (104)
5.   (19)  Best of 2 (Smiths)  (104)
6.   (2)   Louder than Bombs (99)
7.   (19)  Best of 1 (Smiths)  (95)
8.   (11)  Rank (Smiths)  (70)
9.   (10)  The Smiths (Smiths)  (58)
10.  (5)   Meat is Murder (Smiths)  (40)
11.  (9)   Vauxhall and I (Morrissey)  (35)
12.  (14)  Beethoven was Deaf (Morrissey)  (31)
13.  (5)   Viva Hate (Morrissey)  (27)
14.  (16)  World of Morrissey (Morrissey)  (27)
15.  (16)  Peel Sessions (Smiths)  (22)
16.  (8)   Bona Drag (Morrissey)  (19)
17.  (7)   Your Arsenal (Morrissey)  (18)
18.  (3)   Strangeways Here We Come (Smiths)  (17)
19.  (12)  Southpaw Grammar (Morrissey)  (5)
20.  (18)  Kill Uncle  (Morrissey)  (4)

Obviously, the compilations have advantages on this kind of
chart.  Morrissey has of course always been an artist well
known for his singles-to-compilations legacy, as is evidenced
by the strong position of many of them on the "fave album"

The most interesting thing I can see is how overwhelmingly
_Singles_ rules this chart.  Of course, it's easy to see why,
what with all the A-sides the band ever put out on it, and
after all, it's only logical that fans would love many of the
A sides.  Despite this, _Singles_ did miserably on the
Fave Album chart.  The reason is probably because by the
time _Singles_ came out, most fans were sick to death of
seeing another Smiths album "repackaged repackaged".
Personally, I did feel that way about the BEST OF's, which
I hate, but I actually think _Singles_ is a nice little album.
It has the 18 great Smiths A-sides, all in chronological order,
all on one CD.  True, I already have all those songs already,
but don't many of us have multi-duplicates of songs, what with
7 inchers, 12 inchers, the compilations, the albums, etc. etc.?
In fact, I'm the one who voted for it.  :)

Well, I welcome any interpretation of this chart.