Favourite Rhymes

One of Morrissey's greatest talents is the ability to
pull off great rhymes again and again.  Here are what
ASKers gave me as their favorite rhymes.
The only thing i noticed about these really is that it's
funny how different people's ideas of what a "rhyme" is.


1.  "Yellow and green, stumbling block,
      I'm a 20 digit combination to unlock"  (I keep mine hidden, 18/3)
2.  "With your triumphs and your charms,
      while they're in each other's arms!"  (I know it's over, 15/2)
3.  (tie)  "World tour, media whore, please the press in Belgium,
      this was your life, and when it fails to recoup, well maybe,
      you just haven't earned it yet baby."  (Paint a Vulgar Picture, 13/2)
3.  (tie)  "On the day that your mentality
     decides to try to catch up to your biology"  (i want the one..., 13/2)
5.  "I wear black on the outside because
     black is how i feel on the inside"  (Unloveable, 10/2)
6.  (tie)  "My life down i shall lie, should restless spirits try..."
           (Hand that Rocks the Cradle, 10)
6.  (tie)  "Two icy cold hands conducting their way,
            it's the eskimo blood in my veins"  (Stretch out and wait, 10)
6.  (tie) "She said i know you and you cannot sing,
    i said that's nothing you should hear me play the piano" (Queen is Dead,
6.  (tie) "In my life, why do i give valuable time
     to people who don't care if i live or die"  (Heaven knows im miserable
now, 10)
6.  (tie) "Jesus made me, so jesus save me from pity, sympathy,
     and people discussing me."  (November spawned a monster, 10)
6.  (tie) "I'd rather be famous than righteous and holy any day"
      (frankly mister shankly, 10)
6.  (tie) "I grabbed you by the guilded beams, that's what tradition means"
       (I started something i couldn't finish, 10)
6.  (tie) "Where do you go, who do you need to know?"
        (The boy with the thorn in his side, 10)
14. "Frankly, Mr. Shankly, i'm a sickening wreck.
    I've got the 21st century breathing down my neck!"  (Frankly mr shankly,
15.  (tie)  "And then just to pass time, let us go and rob the blind"
      (wonderfulwoman, 9)
15.  (tie)  "So ugly so ugly, oh twisted child... oh hug me! oh hug me!"
       (November Spawned a monster, 9)
15.  (tie)  "An engagement ring doesn't mean a thing
      to a mind consumed by brass and money"  (rusholme ruffians, 9)
15.  (tie)  "There are brighter sides to life and
    i know because i've seen them but not often" (still ill, 9)
15.  (tie)  "Amid concrete and clay, and general decay,
      nature must still find a way"  (Stretch out and wait, 9)
15.  (tie)  "Hate love and war force emotions to the fore" (i keep mine
21.  (tie) "I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges"
   (the more you ignore me yaddayaddayadda, 8/2)
21.  (tie)  "16, clumsy and shy, i went to london and i,
     booked myself into the Y, W, C, A, i like it here, can i stay?"
     (Half a person, 8/2)
23. (tie) "Boy afraid, prudence never pays, and everything
   she wants costs money"  (girl afraid, 8)
23.  (tie) "but sometimes i feel more fulfilled,
   making xmas cards for the mentally ill"  (frankly mr shang lee, 8)
23. (tie) "from this unhappy planet
     with all the carnivores and destructors on it"  (ouijabourdouijaboard,
23. (tie) "and it never really began but in my heart it was so real"
   (i know it's over, 8)
23. (tie) "poor woman strangled in her very own bed as she read,
    but that's ok because she was old and would have died anyway (hooligan,
23. (tie) "all men have secrets and here are mine, so let it be known"
    (what difference does it make mein frein?, 8)
29. "i'd hate the pain and the strain all over again" (arushyadayada, 7/2)
30. (tie) "i'm disputing the bill, i will sleep in my clothes" (at amber, 7)
30. (tie) "i will not change and i will not be nice"
   (such a little thing makes a big difference, 7)
30. (tie) "if you should die, i might feel slightly sad but i won't cry"
   (unhappy birthday, 7)
33. (tie) "and i thought that if you had an acoustic guitar,
    then it meant that you were a protest singer" (shakespearessister, 6)
33. (tie) "in a river the colour of lead, immerse the baby's head"
   (this night has opened my eyes, 6)
33. (tie) "scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen,
   this means you really love me" (rusholme ruffians, 6)
33. (tie) "i know they've taken and they take in turn"
   (angel, angel, down we go together, 6)
33. (tie) "i can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible"
 (shakespeares sister, 6)
33. (tie) "jury, you've heard every word but before you decide,
  would you look into these "mother me" eyes" (sweet&tender hooligan, 6)
39. "2 lumps please, you're the bee's knees, but so am i"
  (ring around that old fountain, 5/2)
40. (tie) "and so i drank 1, it became four, and
 when i fell on the floor, i drank more" (stop me yadayadayada, 5)
40. (tie) "You must stay on your own for slightly longer "
  (you just haven't earned it yet baby, 5)
40. (tie) "on the front of the daily mail, dressed in your mother' bridal
  (the queen is dead, 5)
40. (tie) "from the ice age to the DOLE age, there is but one concern"
 (some grrllz are bigger than others, 5)
40. (tie) "nervous juvenile won't smile", (little man what now?, 5)
40. (tie) "he thinks he's got the world in his hands" (boy racer, 5)
46. "...with a big nose, who knows..." (cemetry gates, 4/2)
47. (tie) "park the car at the side of the road, you should know,
  time's tide will smother you"  (that joke isn't funny anymore, 4)
47. (tie) "and there's a free ride on f*cked up tony" (tony the pony, 4)
47. (tie) "see the life i've had, could make a good man turn bad"
   (please please please let me get what i want, 4)
47. (tie) "... the alcoholic afternoons when we sat in your room.."
  (these things take time, 4)
47. (tie) "take me to the haven of your bed was something you never said"
  (ring around that fountain, 4)
52. (tie) "what she asked of me at the end of the day,
  CALIGULA would've blushed"  (heaven knows im miserable now, 3)
52. (tie) "when you're tied to your mother' apron,
 no one talks about castration" (the queen is dead, 3)
52. (tie) "outside the prison gates, i love the romance of crime"
 (sister i'm a poet, 3)
52. (tie) "and is there any point in ever having children?"  (stretch out and
52. (tie) "give up to lust, heaven knows we'll soon be dust"
(pretty girls make gregs, 3)  (see, i got a song written about *me* too! :)
57. (tie) "I'd like to drop my trousers to the world,
  i'm a man of means, of slender means" (nowhere fast, 2)
57. (tie) "he killed a policeman when he was 13
 and somehow that really impressed me."  (iwantheoneicanthave, 2)
57. (tie) "I ask even though i know" (alsatian cousin, 2)
66. (tie) "I was tired again i tried again and now my heart is full" (duh, 1
66. (tie) "i was delayed, i was way-laid" (stopifUthinkUveheardthisoneb4, 1)
66. (tie) "double pack the photograph, extra track and tacky badge"
  (paint a vulgar picture, 1)
66. (tie) "but she doesn't even like me and i know because she said so"
  (girl afraid, 1)
66. (tie) "i am the son, i am the heir, of a shyness that is criminally
  (how soon is now?  1)
66. (tie) "the most impassionate song to a lonely soul  is so easily
  (rubber ring, 1)
66. (tie) "learn to love me, assemble the ways, now today tomorrow and
  (shoplifters of the world unite, 1)