Picture Disc Interview, 1983
"I'm just simply inches away from a monastery."

A poor interviewer spoils what could have been an interesting topic - suicide.

Sounds, 4th June 1983
" I can predict that in six months time they'll be bringing flowers to our gigs..."

A short early interview from an excited Dave McCullough.

Melody Maker, September 1983
"The flowers actually have a significance."

Morrissey's first Melody Maker appearance.

NME, September 24th 1983
"You can do it with Abba..."

Morrissey and Marr give their thoughts on the child abuse bluster whipped up by the British media.

Sounds, November 19th 1983
"Why all the ugliness ?"

A discussion of the early days of Morrissey & Marr, the Sixties, and, of course, sexual ambiguity.

Undress, 1984
"I never had any clothes whatsoever !"

Morrissey reveals his hot fashion tips.

The Face, 1984
"I wouldn't stand on a table..."

About La Moz's school days, and, inevitably, fame.

Jamming, 1984
"The Smiths must be understood on every level, in every way."

A marvellously confused interviewer fails to elicit anything new from Moz.

Hot Press, May 1984
"I find Ireland fascinating."

An excellent interview about religion, moving to London, suicide, fans, and more.

Record Mirror, September 1984
"...white middle class guitar thrashing racists... that's pretty good."

All four Smiths are quizzed in this short interview.

Jamming, December 1984
"Phenomenal! Number 43!!!"

Morrissey reflects on the changes in the Smiths world in 1984.

Star Hits, 1985/86
"Inexcusably dim."

Morrissey rubbishes the new pop releases, to hilarious effect.

Creem, 1985
"I was thirteen at the time, quite an infant."

An American interview discussing his sales in the US.

Star Hits, 1985
"I can get incredibly erotic about blotting paper."
An amusingly trivial interview where Morrissey answers 20 questions.

Smash Hits, January 1985
" hasn't got a cow's face and it doesn't moo..."

Morrissey talks about his new cause, vegetarianism.

Melody Maker, March 1985
"I don't really know what entertainment is."

A fanzine panel talk to Morrissey on a variety of topics, illiciting one of Morrissey's best ever interviews.

Sounds, April 1985
"Now what was question 17 ?"

A mad interviewer lays into the man.

Australian Radio, 7th April 1985
" is quite violent, let's be honest, it wasn't meant to be a dance record."

Morrissey talks about his band's new album, Meat Is Murder, and, of course, himself.

The Face, May 1985
"In other words, a complete slut."

Nick Kent interviews Morrissey, Marr, and several early Smiths acolytes in this revealing interview about The Smiths and Morrissey's early life.

NME, June 1985
"I demand more attention !"

A marvellously funny and interesting interview, featuring the hilarious sausages incident.

Spin, 1986
"I find shoes difficult to be ethical about..."

A short piece focusing on Moz himself.

Star Hits, 1986
"My television set is my kidney machine..."

One of those ever-coy pop profile things.

Rolling Stone, 1986
"I would definitely form a group - called the Joneses."

An uninteresting interview about Morrissey's heroes and heroines.

Melody Maker, September 1986
"It's probably a cockroach."

A classic interview, with Morrissey covering his usual topics particularly well; black music, celibacy, etc.

Q, 1987
"...we're quick runners. We've got bicycles."

One of Morrissey's last interviews before the fateful breakup, concerning his management problems, and the future with EMI.

Starhits, 1987
"Eat a cushion with frustration !"

An interesting interview which, although on the coat-tails of the break-up, manages to concern itself with his family and his dinner.

Creem, July 1987
"This keeps me awake every night of the week."

Morrissey talks about "breaking America".

NME News, 8th August 1987
"I'm not denying that there weren't certain problems involving the band..."

Johnny Marr comments on his split from The Smiths, before the Smiths themselves split.

Melody Maker, September 1987
"I go to the supermarket every day."

Morrissey outlines his thoughts on pop videos.

The Catalogue, 1988
"We weren't even offered a digestive biscuit..."

Morrissey ably displays his wittiness in this interview about the early days of The Smiths. Very funny.

NME, February 1988
"The Top 40 has never been as dank."

A funny interview in which Morrissey is questioned topic-by-topic, Gestapo-style.

Blitz, April 1988
"It's a positive thing to be selfish."

A discussion of his new album, and the state of music. Interesting.

NME, April 1988
"I did stray into a pair of loons..."

A retrospective of favourite Mozisms from the days of The Smiths.

Sounds, June 1988
"Bob Geldof In Platforms."

Morrissey discusses the flaws of Viva Hate, and middle-age.

Spin, June 1988
"I have to give up sausages."

Morrissey reflects on The Smiths.

NME, February 1989
"Well, you know, desparation, humour, what's the difference ?"

An intriguing and amusing interview on a variety of topics.

NME, February 1989
"I have one CSE in woodwork."

What Morrissey watches on TV ... and what he thinks of it.

NME, June 1989 (Johnny Marr)
"We were together for four or five years and that's enough for any group."

A revealing interview with Johnny Marr.

Q, December 1989
"I have no experience of acid parties."

Morrissey reveals his supernatural experiences.

The Face, March 1990
"It makes me sound like a racehorse."

In which Moz reveals the existence of Striptease With A Difference.

Details, March 1991
"I'm the most irritating person you could hope to hear of."

An interview about nothing in particular.

Select, July 1991
"I spent the entire morning covered from head to foot in phlegm..."

Morrissey in interesting form in the wake of Kill Uncle.

Details, December 1992
"Who on earth would want to be Van Halen ?"

Morrissey elucidates on depression.

Rock Sound, January 1993
"I'm a medicine and a poison."

An interview about America, rap music, journalism and his adoring fans.

Vox, April 1993
"The moment is in the performance."

Tony Parsons amazingly doesn't come across as a twat in this interview, where Nigel Thomas' death is discussed.

Select, April 1993
"...they were driving the car."

Rourke and Joyce questioned in a long and interesting interview.

Raygun, 1994
"...some of the solo songs have been substandard."

Discusses the death of Mick Ronson, and his solo career.

Details, April 1994
"Eubank is an astonishing machine."

A good quality interview about his album Vauxhall And I and other topics.

Select, May 1994
"...The Wheelchair Muggers from North Manchester."

Morrissey discusse the Press and his new attitude to life.

Q Questionnaire, January 1995
"'Just watch those fuckin' flowers.'"

Short and funny questionnaire.

The Times, February 1995
"My sense of humour is still completely misunderstood."

A short interview concerning his appearance on Eight Days A Week and the NME

Les Inrockuptibles, September 1995
"Southpaw Grammar may well be a bitter failure."

Morrissey discusses several of his albums, and what he thinks of them now.

Q, September 1995
"Can you imagine anything as boring as world domination ?"

As usual, Q asks Morrissey for his thoughts on various hot topics.

The Observer Magazine, December 1995
"Just pure silence."

Will Self reveals more of himself than Morrissey in this over-intellectual interview-cum-essay.

RTE Guide, January 1996
"I hope not to be alive in the year 2012..."

Morrissey gives his thoughts on Southpaw Grammar and the Bowie tour.

The Big Issue, July 1997
"Two incredibly long and tedious years to go ..."

Morrissey talks about "Loose Angela" and his decline in popularity.

KROQ, 3rd July 1997
"And then put the hot water in and then just throw it all over yourself."

Humourous interview on Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

Melody Maker, August 1997
"That's a trick question, and I refuse to answer."
Moz is petulant and amusing in this interview about his new album.

Mojo, August 1997
"What do we do now, I'm out of it !"

Mike Joyce talking to Johnny Rogan in an interview several years old.

The Guardian Weekend Magazine, August 1997

(also published in The Irish Times)
"At a Patti Smith concert in 1979."

A rather unsatisfactory interview where Morrissey gives little away.

Modern Rock Live, 16th August 1997
"I'll come to your death bed at the hospital of your choice."

Morrissey barely disguising his impatience with the radio DJ as he performs live songs from Maladjusted.

Manchester Evening News, August 1997
"They make up all the letters themselves."

Extracts from a Morrissey interview.

L'Indic, November 1997
"Morrissey 1, Morrissey 2, Morrissey 3 ..."

An interview translated from French magazine L'Indic.

Letters Morrissey Wrote
"They are as original as a bar of soap."

Two letters Morrissey wrote to music magazines from his unheard-of days.

Many of these interviews are culled from Despair's lovely site, The Arcane Old Wardrobe Himself.